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Posted 5 Oct, 2022
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I want to share a story about how my “Reaching your Inner Power” Workshop came to be.

The year was 2020. I thought I was healthy. I thought I was taking care of myself, but I was talking care of every one but me. The pandemic had happened, and that threw all of us out of our easiness. I was working remotely with full time hours, caring for my toddler, homeschooling my other child, keeping my relationship in balance, being a homemaker, and doing all of this at the same time. To say it was challenging is an understatement, but I made it work for almost a year before I completely I reached a burnt out version of me.

Then December 12, 2020 Covid invaded our home, our bodies. I was nervous as we didn’t have much information about Covid at that time, and it was not as easy as some people assumed it would be. I was exhausted, in constant pain that traveled throughout my body. It was eating my muscle, eating my energy, and I was overwhelmed and tired. My toddler recovered first, and then my Partner. It took him 2 weeks, but he was still feeling some brain fog, loss of smell and taste, and having exhaustion. It was longer for me. I was out of work for about a month. I was still having pain run through my body. Mainly this pain was in all my lymph glands, and in my joints. I also had heaviness of body, brain fog, loss of concentration, no smell or taste, exhaustion, Covid toe, and then the wheezing started. It was as if there was a rubber toy in my lungs. I was full of anxiety and fear of the unknowing. I was seen at the ER for the unusual wheezing, and for the pain and numbness. After several CT scans, and exams from the ER and my PCP, I was referred to Pulmonology, Neurology, and an Endocrinologist. I was put on medical leave from work.

I had many Drs appointments. I was not able to concentrate or function like before, and medical leave was needed in order for me to recover. Not having answers to what was going on with me was scary, and I was nervous. The Drs said it was Long Covid. How long was this Long Covid? No one knew, and they still do not. I was put on multiple types of inhalers to control the wheezing, and prevent my O2 from dropping. I started monitoring my O2 status, my heart rate, and my Peak Flow. I felt weak, exhausted, burnt out, worried, panicky, I couldn’t sleep and when I did it was light and not healing.

On medical leave, I found comfort in taking walks in nature. I started practicing Meditations throughout the day. This included Qi Gong, Kundalini, and nightly deep relaxations with visualizations.  I no longer could practice martial arts, or be as active like before Covid. Instead I concentrated on soft walks, meditating walks, sitting and standing meditations with visualizations, and the biggest factor was Gratitude. GRATITUDE… this action is the key to transforming your negative thoughts. Here I created a space to heal. Every action, thought, and movement was done with awareness and grace. Everyday seemed to be a bad day for me, but every day I still gave gratitude whenever a negative thought popped in my minds eye, and for waking up, spending time outside, reading a book to my son (This was difficult for me as I had a hard time reading out loud and breathing), eating comforting food, drinking tea, everything was in mindfulness and thanks.

I was on medical leave for 5 months before I gave my notice to my full time job. I was allowed to go back to work, but I had Drs notes to not work with the public. I needed my own space. They fear what would happen if I got sick again, and how my lungs and body would react in its new weakened state. I was still having pain, difficulty concentrating, and many more symptoms of Long Covid. I was not and did not feel able to go back to work. So I continued my healing process as best as I could.

During this process of gentle healing I found my Inner Power, my seat, the connection to my soul, and the Universal energy. It happened while I was standing in my kitchen, broken, weak, tired, crying, sobbing really, and expressing my feelings to the energies around me. My feet were firm, my eyes closed, and I had just given gratitude for being able to experience the hardship that was occurring. Then it happened. I felt it! That connection to my inner self, to the Universe, to the energy. I felt myself open up from the inside. I felt the warmth, and the light of love radiating from my center.

Here I created the Reaching your Inner Power Workshop. I wrote everything down on a note pad I had lying near by. I wrote with passion, furiously capturing every detail on paper. I knew this was sent to me, it felt like a miracle was handed to me. Once I was finished documenting this process I placed it on my Altar for later when I was further healed. I knew this workshop would be part of a series on healing for long covid, anxiety, and all other dis-eases and illness.

Please join me October 22nd at 9:30am to experience the process of Reaching your Inner Power.

The journey starts with you. This workshop is open to everyone, but especially if you have ever felt depressed, anxious, tired, sick, hopeless, abused, lost, or needing to feel the connection to your mind, body, soul and the Universal flow. You will dive deep into your body, embracing the subtle energetic essence of your Inner Power. I will guide you through deep meditation, visualizations, and creative writing. You will feel the seat of your Power, help release the lock that constricts your Inner Power from guiding you, and open space to a healing vibration within. You will learn techniques you can use for support through your challenges and ever changing life.

To SignUp Email:

You can be happy again, You can have more great days, You can see the fullness of light in the dark, You can create a healing space within. I look forward to sharing this technology with you.

In gratitude and grace,
Josephine / Gurumantra Kaur.

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