Shine the Light Nominee!
Posted 26 Oct, 2022
This is why I teach

Who do you know that brings light to another’s life?

YogiSTRONG wants to send a small gift to the person that brings light to another’s life. Fill out the form below, and we will gift your Nominee with a personalize package of gratitude*.

Who are you nominating?

Have you noticed a person who goes that extra mile to help?
Do you know of someone who has overcome difficulties?
Someone who does good deeds not just because people see them doing those good deeds, but because they do them from the love in their heart?
Who brightens the day in your life, or another’s?
Who is making sacrifices to help another’s journey?
Is there an individual or group who goes out of their way to help others when there is sickness, helps the elderly, or families in need?
What teacher, business, relative, co-worker or person needs recognition?

Let’s show our Nominees gratitude and appreciation by acknowledging their efforts, and recognizing that these individuals matter to us.

Tell YogiSTRONG who makes a difference in the environment around you. Let the world know of the good people in our communities. That Love is still alive.

When gratitude is given we can see the healing, loving light shinning brightly in all our hearts and souls.

Do you know the Nominee personally?

About the Nominee

Nominee's Name
Nominee's Name
Nominee's Mailing Address
Nominee's Mailing Address
Do you want the Nominee to know you nominated them?

*Only one Nominee will be chosen weekly.
Would you like to see more Nominees gifted with a package? Donate to YogiSTRONG Shine the Light Nominee on Venmo below!

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